Pro Tips!

We’ve put together some Pro Tips to help you use the new platform like a pro!

Would you like to make your recorded private shows available only to the original customer?

Login to account, and in the model dashboard click MANAGE and select VOD CONFIGURATION.  Scroll all the way to the bottom and look for “Make VOD available to only original customer?”   Select YES.

VOD settings

Would you like to block specific US States, Canadian Provinces, or Countries from viewing your profile or accessing your chat room?

Geoblocking is easy! After you login to your dashboard, just click FILTERS in the Toolbox.

Geographical Blocking

Are you concerned about scammers pretending to tip to get free shows in the chat room?

Don’t be fooled by fake tips!  REAL tips will always make a sound and will show up in PURPLE.  Also, instead of the member’s screen name being listed first, it will say TIP and then the name of the tipper.  In the example below, the top is a fake tip and the bottom is real.


I started a Fan Club and now I can do Members Only shows.  How are they different?

A Members Only show is a special way of thanking your fans for joining your fan club.  You can select this option when you login to the chat software, and only fanclub members will be able to join and view the show.  Keep in mind that this show is free for fanclub members, therefore you will only be paid on tips that you earn during this show.


How can I disable voyeurs from watching my show?

Voyeurs can pay to “silently” watch Private or Group shows while remaining unable to chat with the model.  If you would not like voyeurs to be able to join your shows, be sure to select “Private or Multi-User” when you login to the chat software and choose your show type.


What’s this I hear about an Affiliate Program?

Use your Affiliate link to get your fans to sign up.  For every fan who registers with your affiliate link, you’ll earn an additional 20% of everything they spend on site, even when you aren’t online!  Just click the Affiliate link in your dashboard to learn more and get started!  Post that link in your social media accounts and send fans straight to your chat room.



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