Frequently Asked Questions

What is is a webcam site dedicated to delivering authentic, genuine kinky and fetish webcam experiences. is a white label on the Flirt4Free (F4F) platform.

Why should I join KinkLive and not just be a Flirt4Free model?
KinkLive models are placed at the top of the gallery on KinkLive models are the only models broadcasting on the KinkLive channel. KinkLive models earn 30% pay out on sales, instead of a sliding scale starting at a 26% that is for regular F4F models. All KinkLive models are automatically in the Fetish section and are the only models eligible to be Certified Kinky.

KinkLive models are also eligible to participate in the Flirt4Free Affiliate program, where you can earn an additional 20% in affiliate commission. will continue to direct traffic to, sending you more kinky future fans. The KinkLive team is here to support you, recruit new models and certify models as kinky.

Who should I contact if I have a question during the application process?
The Flirt4Free Broadcast Support team and the KinkLive team are here for you.

To reach KinkLive just email us at We are happy to help.

The Flirt4Free Broadcast Support team can be reached at the following: or phone number 1-800-685-9236 x4
They are staffed Tue-Thurs 6a-10p, Mon/Fri 7a-6p, & Sat/Sun 9a-5p PST.
They are hiring to get support until 10pm

Who should I contact if I have a question once I am a broadcasting model?
The Flirt4Free Broadcast Support team and the KinkLive team are here for you.
If you are an approved model, you may wish to contact the Flirt4Free team first for assistance. They are experts with regard to the platform and can provide you with the best help.

If you are a performer logged into the Performer Application and are experiencing problems, you can click on the “Alert” button and a monitor will assist you.

If you would like to do a multi-person show, once your profiles are active, please contact and notify them that you would like to do a multi-person show, and the performer name(s) of your partner(s)

The Flirt4Free Broadcast Support team can be reached at the following: or phone number 1-800-685-9236 x4
They are staffed Tue-Thurs 6a-10p, Mon/Fri 7a-6p, & Sat/Sun 9a-5p PST.
They are hiring to get support until 10pm

Of course, we here at KinkLive are also available to assist you. To reach KinkLive just email us at

Where can I review the F4F Performer Agreement, Terms, Rules?
Broadcasting Guidelines: Click here
Link to Terms of Service and Rules coming soon.These documents can be reviewed as part of the application process.

Will my private shows be recorded and sold?
The system records all paid shows and automatically adds the recordings to the Video on Demand system (VOD). Customers can browse the archive of all available recorded shows and purchase access to watch the recordings. The videos cannot be downloaded; only streamed on the site. Encrypted streams prevent caching, saving and unauthorized access. You can control the price (in credits) that customers pay to watch your recorded shows. Options range from 6cpm to 40cpm and can be controlled for each specific recording.

In your model dashboard, you can elect to have your recorded shows not sold, sold only to the member who paid for the private show, or to be available for purchase by any fan. It’s all in your control! Flirt4Free will specifically contact you for permission if they wish to use your video recordings for any other purpose than what you have allowed in your settings.

How can I disable voyeurs?
When you first log in to the performer software, you have the option of selecting what type of shows you want to allow – select “Private or Multi-User” if you do not wish to have voyeurs in your Private shows.

Why should I start a Fan Club?
Reward your biggest fans by starting your own Fan Club!
You can build a personalized fan site and upload special photos, videos, and blogs just for your fans.  Use the fan club to send Mail Blasts to just your Fan Club members.  You can set your Fan Club page to also display your Twitter feed.  You will earn additional credits from their monthly membership fees, and they will get discounts on private shows and VODs.  Fan club members will show up in a special font color in your room, and will be able to view special Members Only Shows.
Note:  Members Only Shows are free for Fan Club members, you will ONLY receive payment from tips during Members Only Shows.

How can I prevent a member from recording my show?
The videos cannot be downloaded; only streamed from the site. Further, the streams are encrypted (RTMPe) using the same level of security employed by most online banks. These security measures prevent unauthorized playback, saving of the files and caching of the streamed content.

Are Skype shows allowed?
Skype shows are not allowed on Flirt4Free, however F4F offers Cam-to-Cam as well as other exciting options for interacting with your fans, such as Flirt Phone and Interactive Shows.

Do you have geo-blocking?
Yes! Geo-blocking is easy on Flirt4Free: models can block entire countries as well as individual US States and/or Canadian Provinces.

How can I promote myself through social media?
When you fill in your Flirt4Free profile, you can add links to your Twitter and Instagram account, making it easy for your fans to find you on social media. You can also post your Twitter and/or Instagram username in your chat room topic to increase your social media followers.

Can I promote my online wish list?
Flirt4Free has partnered with the owners of to create a private-label adult toy store. Performers can securely set up a wishlist on your model profile, and customers can use it to buy products for their favorite performers! Models will also soon be able to add a wishlist from the new official store to their profiles as well!

How do I handle abusive members?
The Performer Application broadcasting software allows you to eject and ban abusive customers from your room to ensure a positive chat experience. You can also ban additional users from your room by either IP address or nickname through your model dashboard. By default a ban expires after 24-hours. The software also has an ALERT button available in order to contact a Monitor (customer service representative) for help with banning customers, reporting spamming/harassment, as well as for questions about technical difficulties and customer complaints.

What is the process for doing a non-solo show?
For non-solo shows, please use the following steps:
– All models need to already be approved to model for KinkLive
– Distinct emails and phone numbers are needed for each application to go through.
– If you would like to do a multi-person show, once your profiles are active, please contact and notify them that you would like to do a multi-person show, and the performer name(s) of your partner(s)
– If you are planning to cam regularly with the same partner, F4F can set up a duo model account. To do so, please contact with the performer names of the people you wish to cam with on a regular basis. Or contact KinkLive at

Is there a way to not show up on other Flirt4Free (F4F) white labels?
At this time, no. We are in discussions with F4F about developing this feature.

I do not identify as male or female. Is there a category for non-binary models?
Not at this time. We are working with F4F about adding more gender categories in the future.

Do I need experience?
No. In fact, some of our best performing models had no fetish/BDSM experience prior to starting. Some have had no cam experience at all.

Are models employees?
No. Our models are all independent contractors. As such they schedule their own shows, control the content of those shows, and are free to cam as frequently, or infrequently as they see fit.

Am I required to perform certain acts on my show?
No. All of our models operate within their own comfort levels. Some do anal, some do not. Some use nipple clamps, some do not. Models are always encouraged to set their limits with their customers during their shows.

Are my shows monitored?
Yes. Additionally, each performer is empowered to ban any member who exhibits inappropriate behavior.

Do I have to buy costumes or wardrobe?
No. Some of our models use costumes, some simply wear cute bras and panties. There is no requirement. Wear what makes you feel good.

What does it mean to be Certified Kinky, and how can I become Certified Kinky?
Certified Kinky is a badge we use to show customers which models are equipped to do authentic kinky fetish shows. If you would like to become Certified Kinky, please email with a list of your toys/tools. Examples of toys and tools would be rope, handcuffs, gags, masks, paddles, floggers, clothespins, butt plugs, collar, etc. We will watch your shows and if you qualify, you will be Certified Kinky, earning the Certified Kinky badge.

Are we allowed to split cam?
Yes, you are allowed to split cam. However, you may not mention any other sites while you are broadcasting.

Can we use ManyCam software?
Yes, you are permitted to use ManyCam on F4F.

Is Cam-to-Cam optional?
Yes. When a customer activates Cam-2-Cam a popup window will appear on your Performer Application where you can view the customer’s live video stream. If the customer has a microphone you will also be able to hear them. You can disable the video from the TOOLS menu in the application. You can close and re-open the customer’s streaming video at any time. For many customers it is a huge turn-on to know that you can see them.

Can we sell things like panties, photo sets, video clips?
There is an option for Video On Demand (VODs) on your model dashboard and in your Fan Club settings. You can use your Fan Club to sell exclusive photo sets and videos to your fans. You are welcome to chat in your room or with your Fan Club about selling panties and other personal items through your Twitter account.

Are we allowed to use non-human shaped toys?
Yes. There are no restrictions on these types of toys.

Are we allowed to use “oversized” toys?
Yes, the use of large dildos, plugs, etc in Private, Group or Feature shows is at the model’s discretion.

Are we allowed to perform ABDL acts?
You are free to perform AB/DL shows. To comply with our credit card vendors we need to adhere to the following:
– All performers must present themselves with an adult persona in profile photos.
– Performers cannot use pacifiers, diapers, baby rattles or use any other item that is generally associated with the development of a child in profile photos.
– You are free to advertise AB/DL shows in your profile, but we cannot allow any wording that can be confused as activities with a minor.
Acceptable: “Take me private and we can act out your diaper fetish.”
Unacceptable: “Take me in private where I’ll act like a baby”

Are we allowed to have “watersport” acts?
Acts involving urination are not permitted in Free Chat. Solo shows that have urination “behind the curtain” may be subject to a violation, but you will not be fined unless the watersports are “extreme” or another person is involved.

Can Studios apply to join KinkLive? I run a webcam studio; how do I apply?
Yes! If you are interested in broadcasting your kinky, fetish and BDSM models on and the KinkLive Channel, simply click on Apply Now at the top of the page to be directed to the KinkLive application page.

Payment Information

What is the Payout Plan?
Models can earn up to 50%.

Models earn 30% of their sales on

Models earn 20% Affiliate commission on customers that sign up using the model’s Affiliate Code. Models earn this 20% when the customer spends on them, and when the customer spends on any other models, for the life of the active customer.

30% of sales + 20% of affiliate commission = 50% for each customer you sign up, for the life of the active* customer.
*customers who do not spend in a 6 month period will be considered inactive.

What are the different ways I can make money?
– Become An Affiliate
– Private Shows
– Voyeur Minutes
– Virtual Gifts & Tips
– Party Chat
– Group Chat
– VOD Credits
– FlirtPhone
– Contests
– Fan Clubs
Flirt4Free also offers a wide array of daily and weekly bonuses available to all performers based on performance.

How does the Affiliate program work?
Models are eligible to participate in the F4F/KinkLive Affiliate program. Those who join the program receive an affiliate code to give to their fans. Each fan may only use one affiliate code. When a fan uses a model’s code to sign up for a F4F account, the model who referred the customer will get 20% of all credits that that customer spends on them, and 20% of all credits that the fan spends elsewhere on F4F, for the lifetime of the active customer.

What is the dollar equivalent of 1 credit?
Each credit costs $0.10 Customers purchase blocks of credits in various sizes.

Will we be paid by Kink or Flirt4Free?
Your payments will be processed by Flirt4Free. If you have any questions about payment, feel free to email

How can I get paid?
Models can choose payment by wire transfer, Paxum, Payoneer or check.

How often do I get paid?
Payments for your sales, such as tips, pay-per-minute sessions, VOD sales, and any other sales are every two weeks. You can view the pay periods in your model dashboard, under Reports > Stats.

Affiliate commission is paid monthly, with the close of the commission period being the last day of the month.

Please see the Performer Handbook for more details.

Can my earnings be deducted for refunds or chargebacks?
If there is a situation where a model is paid through a fraudulent account, F4F will take back any tips from that account but never what the model earned in Private.

Do’s and Don’ts

Tips for success – Please DO:
– Have fun! The most successful performers are those who make the members want to spend time with them because they’re so much fun! Be friendly and stay focused on your members to keep the chat room busy and exciting.
– Look your best! Make sure you have the best quality show you can by checking your camera, lighting, microphone and internet connection before you broadcast.
– Show off! Many of our models find that displaying their toys in the background during their shows makes it fun and easy for members to request activities and scenes.

For non-solo shows, please use the following steps:
– All models need to already be approved to model for KinkLive
– Distinct emails and phone numbers are needed for each application to go through
– If you would like to do a multi-person show, once your profiles are active, please contact and notify them that you would like to do a multi- person show, and the performer name(s) of your partner(s)
– If you are planning to cam regularly with the same partner, F4F can set up a duo model account. To do so, please contact with the performer names of the people you wish to cam with on a regular basis.

Safety First!
In addition to the Flirt4Free Code of Conduct, and Terms and Conditions, Performer understands and agrees to all the following:

Performer agrees that he or she will not engage in any of the following acts, whether actual or simulated, during any of his or her performances:
– Any acts in which Performer and / or any member present themselves as and / or pretends to be under the age of 18.
– Any acts involving beastiality or actual animals.
– Any acts involving the use of alcohol or mind-altering drugs (whether prescription or illegal).
– Any acts involving blood, vomiting, defecation, urination and or fisting.
– Any acts involving cutting or piercing of the skin.
– No acts involving a rope, belt or any other form of constriction around your neck. An exception will be made for collars, which are permissible provided they remain loose (i.e. do not restrict your blood flow or breathing), are easily removed, and are not attached to any other object such that they could constrict your blood flow or breathing.
– For solo performances, any acts involving any form of bondage or restraint from which Performer cannot easily release him or herself. For non-solo performances, any acts involving any form of bondage or restraint in which a rope, belt or any other form of constriction is placed around the neck or necks of the bound party or parties in such a way that said constriction threatens or could threaten the blood flow or breathing of the bound party or parties. ix. Any form of simulated hanging or erotic or auto-erotic asphyxiation (commonly known as “breathplay”).
– Any act which places Performer, any member, or any other individual at any risk beyond those inherent in performing acts involving safe, sane and consensual BDSM play.

Additional Guidelines
– You may not ask members to send you money outside of the site, or offer to perform shows on other networks or platforms while on cam.
– You may not mention other webcam sites or services not related to the F4F network while on cam
– You may not violate a member’s privacy by revealing their personal information to others
Your stream must be live, no pre-recorded or ‘looped’ video is allowed.

Performer Bill of Rights
All KinkLive performers are covered by the following Performer Bill of Rights:
– I am only required to perform actions in my shows that I am comfortable with. At no time am I or will I be required to perform beyond my own limitations.
– I may be given (and should demand) a recognizable safe-word from each member who takes me “Private” in my show. In the event that I am gagged or otherwise unable to speak, a verbal command such as “Uh-uh” or a non-verbal hand signal will serve as my safe-word.
– I can stop any show with a member, at any time, by using our agreed-upon safe-word.
– Upon use of my safe-word, I am entitled to end the show completely or to take a break before we continue.
– I will never be required to continue a show if a member’s request(s) exceed my limitations.
– I am entitled to see fresh condoms applied to any toy or item used.
– I am entitled to use my own toys and items if I so choose.
– I am entitled to review the sexually transmitted disease tests for any other performer I have sexual contact with, and vice versa. Other performers are entitled to see my sexually transmitted disease tests prior to our sexual contact.
– I am entitled to ask any performer to wear sanitary gloves before touching my genitals.
– I am entitled to test any toy or item requested to be used on me by a member or another performer before a show begins (nipple clamps, gags, etc.) or before it is put into use, if requested after the show begins.
– If I have any complaints about my experiences, I can direct them to the company owner, Peter Acworth at or 415.856.0773.

KinkLive Chat Etiquette
KinkLive performers are empowered to ban any member who is abusive and/or disruptive to the show. Examples of behaviors which are unacceptable include:
– Using chat, PPM sessions. private messages, or the KinkLive messaging system to harass, solicit, or send unwanted comments of any kind to other members or performers
– Offensive comments
– Representing yourself as under the age of 18
– Advising that you are watching the broadcast with individual(s) who are under the age of 18
– Repeating the same request multiple times after a model has declined it. If the performer cannot or will not fulfill your request, it won’t happen.
– Unhelpful, negative statements such as “sucks, boring, worst yet, yawn”, or anything along these lines is rude and not helpful to make the show better. If you don’t like what you’re seeing, you are welcome to leave the room and enjoy another performer’s show.

Special Information for KinkLive Beta Models

Why did KinkLive have to switch platforms?
As you probably already know, the KinkLive Beta platform was far from perfect. Members and models alike reported frequent difficulties with log ins and other show glitches. Meanwhile, models also asked for more traffic and options such as cam-to-cam and geographical blocking, which we were not able to offer through our own platform. We researched various options for existing platforms that could host our site. We listened to our model’s feedback and needs. We focused on locating a platform that offers the features our models and members deserve while also offering our models the opportunity of gaining many more fans through increased traffic from an established cam site.

Do I need to apply to F4F?
Yes.  Anyone wishing to cam on must apply. Just click on “Apply Now” above to be directed to the application page.

What should I tell my fans?
Tell your fans to use your Affiliate link to sign up for Flirt4Free. You will get an extra 20% of all credits that they spend on F4F. This mean you get 30% on your sales, plus an additional 20% affiliate commission when the customer you signed up spends on you – for a total payout of 50% on customers who sign up using your affiliate code.

Are there any new features our fans will be especially excited about?
Flirt4Free has many features that KinkLive Beta was unable to offer. F4F has full mobile and tablet functionality. Your fans will also love the new interactive features, from FlirtPhone and Cam-to-Cam, to truly interactive shows for models who have ShockSpot fucking machines. You will be able to start your own Fan Club with lots of great perks for just your fans.

How can I get my earning history on KinkLive Beta after my model dashboard is closed?
Please send an email to

What if my KinkLive Beta model name is already taken on Flirt4Free?
Please send an email to We will work directly with Flirt4Free to either help you keep your existing model name or create a variation which will still allow your existing fans to find you on the new site.

How will my fans find me on the new KinkLive?
The Flirt4Free site is searchable. Not only can members locate models by the performer name, but models can also add keywords (such as your physical assets, fetishes and toys) to your profile to help new fans find your chat room. The more information that you add to your profile, the more traffic your chat room will get!

Fans can also find you on the KinkLive Channel. This special site was created just for KinkLive models. No other models are on this channel: Click here

Are all KinkLive Beta models invited to join KinkLive?
Yes, we would love to you to join us. All you need to do is apply!