Broadcasting Guidelines


We worked hard to build our brand and with it a loyal base of customers who keep coming back year after year. Our customers expect a consistent experience on our site including the best video quality and an experience that is fun and entertaining. Conduct not in line with our guidelines may result in the loss of your privileges to broadcast on our network.

General Conduct

Performers who are attentive, friendly and engaging tend to have to busiest rooms and the most active customers. Before your broadcast you should make sure your camera, microphone and Internet connection are in good working order and adjusted to produce the best quality possible with your equipment.

  • Avoid any behavior that is disrespectful to customers, performers or our staff.
  • Do not ask customers to send you money outside of our site or offer to perform shows on other networks or platforms.
  • Do not mention other webcam sites or services not related to our network.
  • Do not violate a customer’s privacy by revealing any personal information to others.
  • Your stream must be live, no pre-recorded or “looped” video is allowed.


No Prohibited Acts or Illegal Conduct

Our site is based in the United States and bound by U.S. law; therefore nothing that is against the law can be transmitted on our network. Further, the credit card associations have their own guidelines regarded content allowed to be purchased with their payment methods. You are responsible for your own streams. Broadcasting illegal acts or content deemed inacceptable by the credit card associations on our network will result in the loss of your privilege to utilize our platform.

  • Use of weapons, violence, or blood
  • Drug Use
  • Anything potentially deemed to be obscene, things that have been found to be obscene in various jurisdictions include but are not limited to: vomiting, defecation, urination, fisting, having animals on cam (even pets)
  • Wax play when more than one performer is present
  • Acting underage
  • Violating anyone’s copyright or intellectual property

Please also make sure you are aware of any copyright guidelines if you think you might be infringing on any possible rights.


Documented Models Only

Only the models who are associated and compliant on any given model record are allowed to be on cam. If you wish to do a show with a partner or a friend please contact us or your studio manager so an additional account can be setup for you.

Please keep these guidelines in mind while broadcasting on our network. Failure to comply can result in a violation or possible deactivation.