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Pro Tips!

We’ve put together some Pro Tips to help you use the new platform like a pro!

Would you like to make your recorded private shows available only to the original customer?

Login to account, and in the model dashboard click MANAGE and select VOD CONFIGURATION.  Scroll all the way to the bottom and look for “Make VOD available to only original customer?”   Select YES.

VOD settings

Would you like to block specific US States, Canadian Provinces, or Countries from viewing your profile or accessing your chat room?

Geoblocking is easy! After you login to your dashboard, just click FILTERS in the Toolbox.

Geographical Blocking

Are you concerned about scammers pretending to tip to get free shows in the chat room?

Don’t be fooled by fake tips!  REAL tips will always make a sound and will show up in PURPLE.  Also, instead of the member’s screen name being listed first, it will say TIP and then the name of the tipper.  In the example below, the top is a fake tip and the bottom is real.


I started a Fan Club and now I can do Members Only shows.  How are they different?

A Members Only show is a special way of thanking your fans for joining your fan club.  You can select this option when you login to the chat software, and only fanclub members will be able to join and view the show.  Keep in mind that this show is free for fanclub members, therefore you will only be paid on tips that you earn during this show.


How can I disable voyeurs from watching my show?

Voyeurs can pay to “silently” watch Private or Group shows while remaining unable to chat with the model.  If you would not like voyeurs to be able to join your shows, be sure to select “Private or Multi-User” when you login to the chat software and choose your show type.


What’s this I hear about an Affiliate Program?

Use your Affiliate link to get your fans to sign up.  For every fan who registers with your affiliate link, you’ll earn an additional 20% of everything they spend on site, even when you aren’t online!  Just click the Affiliate link in your dashboard to learn more and get started!  Post that link in your social media accounts and send fans straight to your chat room.



A Message To Our Models

A number of you took the time to write to us about the move to Flirt4Free, and your concerns about the new platform. You’ve raised a number of important and valid concerns, both in letters, emails, and at our webinar. Now that the site has finally launched, we wanted to talk to you about what has changed, what is in the midst of changing, and what the future looks like in our new space.

As you know, we talked to a lot of cam companies before making this switch. The reason we chose Flirt4Free was because they were willing to work with us in ways that we believe will ultimately allow us to build the same, if not better, strong and safe community we had on KinkLive Beta. Not everything is in place, we know — but we’re working on it. We hope that you join us in this next version of Kink.

Some of the biggest issues have been the differences in policy with the new platform on Flirt4Free. Some of these have been fixed already, thanks to your feedback. Others, we’re working on with Flirt4Free to solve as soon as we can. A quick rundown of frequent questions, and where we’re at with them.

“Never Say No” 

Consent is key for us, as it always has been. As a Kink Studio model, we expect your limits to be respected. You should never feel pressured to do anything you don’t want to. As a Kink Studios model,’s Model Bill of Rights still applies.

Recorded Private Shows

All shows on F4F are recorded in order to monitor them. However, no Kink Studio model’s cam session will ever be sold or otherwise used in any public capacity without your express permission. Not in ads, not on tube sites, not for VOD. Again, consent is key.

White Label Domains

We are working with F4F on a solution so that KinkLive models do not appear on domains with offensive names. We are currently identifying words like tranny, shemale and prostitute that appear in whitelabels. However, if there are particular sites you object to, please send them to us and we’ll work to include them.

Gender Identity

F4F has a much more limited set of gender options than KinkLive Beta did. We’re working on these with them to find a solution that will increase options.

Limitations on Types of Play

Our partnership with Flirt4Free has involved a lot of education on activities, such as fisting, urination and ABDL, that are important to the BDSM and fetish communities. Bans on some such activities, such as wax play and use of fruits and vegetables, have already been lifted. Others may take some more time, but we understand the importance and we’re working on it.

Rules and Expectations

We are working with F4F to more clearly lay out what is and what is not acceptable, as questions arise. If you have a specific question, we’ll work with F4F to get a clear answer, and then update the policy. Remember: Flirt4Free has had more limited exposure to some of these issues, and we’re doing our best to educate them. They’re willing to work with us, but they need your input and help.

Many of you have asked why we couldn’t remain at the old platform, with the old payouts. As you know, KinkLive was plagued with technical difficulties that made it difficult for models and frustrating to run. What many don’t know, however, is that despite the seemingly large revenue, KinkLive lost money every single month. Our options were to shut it down entirely, or to find a new platform (like Flirt4Free) that could accommodate our models. We’ll miss the original incarnation as well, but we’re hopeful that with the new tools, and the larger audience, this will ultimately be a more sustainable business for us and a more profitable one for our models.

To that end, we’ve worked hard with Flirt4Free to build a safe space with a strong community. Some of those wheels are in motion already, as mentioned above. Others are still to come. Most important is the Kink Studios channel which should roll out later this month. (We’ve attached a mock-up — please check it out!) This will be a dedicated home for Kink Studios models, and will be promoted as the premiere destination for certified Kinky cams. As Kink Studios models, you’ll always appear above other models on

We know that the roll out has been a little rocky. Like any move, some of it was unavoidable. Others, we’re working to fix. Hopefully you can see the degree to which Flirt4Free has been willing to accommodate model needs, not only with the above, but also by offering VIP status for your fans and manually migrating over accounts. They really want to make this work for you. 

We hope you join us in the new space, and work with us to really make the new Kink Live the most exciting and Kinkiest cam space on the internet. But ultimately, like everything we do at Kink, consent is up to you. Please know that the KinkLive staff will remain to help build the site, to advocate for you, and to work with you as this progresses!



Hello and Welcome! We at are glad you’re here. You’re right on your way to becoming a successful performer. Take your time and check out this site. Here you’ll find lots of resources to help you understand what it’s like to be a performer, as well as tips to make your kinky cam shows wildly successful. Have fun! As a KinkLive performer, you are empowered! Set your own rates! Decide when and where you want to work! The power to make a lot of money while entertaining our member-base is in your hands.

Need help? Can’t find the answer? Email us at with “KinkLive” in the subject line. We are happy to help!

Looking forward to seeing you on!

The KinkLive Team